DIY: Print-at-Home Greeting Cards

With the holiday season here, everyone is in a frenzy to make sure their gift-giving list is checked. One of my favourite ways to show I care is giving homemade greeting cards. They’re creative and straight from the heart.

However, homemade can be tough if you’ve got lots of friends to spread the cheer. Here is an easy way to make print-at-home greeting cards with no llustrator or design experience! All you need is a computer, cardstock and a colour printer!

  1. Use Paintbrush or any other web software to draw a simple image, you can also choose to find an image online if that suits you better. babushkagirl
  2. Trace the image in Adobe Illustrator and convert into a vector file. If you do not know how to use Illustrator, there are also online tools such as that can also convert the image. babushkaborder
  3. Use a greeting card template in and format your image. Include a message if desired. **Note: the front of the image should actually be on the right side of the card unlike the example below!**how_to_greeting_cards
  4. Download the PDF from Avery and print the card at home on 80lb or greater cardstock. I bought card paper from Staples which were already scored and came with envelopes.  photo 1 (2)
  5. Customize card for a specific season or event (optional). Below are my Christmas themed 3 (2)

Like the cards above? Download the PDF templates here!

Babushka Doll
Burmese Elephant


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