DIY: Talavera Dishware

After a recent trip to Mexico I fell in love with the beautiful design and pattern work of Talavera pottery. Originating from Puebla, Mexico, each piece is intricately hand-painted so no two pieces are exactly alike. You can find plates, vases, dishes, sinks and many other earthenware in the Talavera style made to accommodate everyday use or to stand alone as a gorgeous household decoration. Inspired by the colourful and exotic artwork, I decided to visit a local ceramic painting shop to try and create my own Talavera masterpiece.

To give you an idea of what the Talavera style looks like, below are a few pieces I picked up on my trip to Mexico.

photo-34I first sketched out my design idea and selected a plain 9-inch plate from the wide selection of unfinished ceramic products.

photo-33 photo 1I coated the plate with a layer of light grey paint and after it had dried I used a pencil to carefully draw my design onto the plate. My sketch was free-hand. I was to impatient to use any rulers or devices to ensure the circle was symmetrical, centred or perfectly round. But apparently the imperfections in Talavera design makes each piece unique!

photo 2I then proceeded to go over the pencil design with a fine-point paint tube.

photo 3photo 4The finished product! As you can see, the lines are not as smooth and symmetrical as usual Talavera design but I am still happy with the end look. Feel free to use geometrical tools if you would like to create something more refined.

photo 5

I left the dish at the ceramic shop for about a week where they glazed and created a polished finish. It was created at the Color Me Mine studio in Richmond, British Columbia.

photo 1-2A girlfriend and I with our painted pieces.


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