DIY: Rope and Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are one of my accessory essentials! They are super versatile and can compliment any wardrobe item. This rope and chain DIY necklace can be worn alone as it’s own statement piece or layered with your other favourite jewelry items.

What you will need:

  • 19 inches of 1cm curb chain (I got a purse chain so it already came with clasps!)
  • 2 metres of 5mm rope or yarn
  • Jewelry clasps

Embellishments (optional):

  • 1 package pearl beads
  • 1 package of jewelry hoops/fasteners


  1. Cut the rope in half and tie both pieces at the end of the chain. One piece will be used as a neckline and the other will be woven in and out of the chains.
  2. Hold the neckline rope straight and weave the other piece around the neckline rope and into the first chain link. Continue to loop around the neckline piece and then into the next chain link. I used my knees to straighten the chain and make sure I was weaving only on one side of the chain.  photo 1 photo 2
  3. Once you have complete the entire chain, securely tie together both the pieces at the end. Cut off excess rope.
  4. Loop jewelry hoops through the beads and attach them on to the un-weaved side of the chain. Fasten jewelry clasps to each end of the chain. photo 4

photo 5photo-32


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