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How to: Grow your own Basil

There’s no doubt the difference fresh herbs makes to a meal. They add flavor, aroma and can be used as an excellent garnish. But buying them can be pricy and wasteful. A good quality bunch will cost up to $2.00 and on most occasions you will not use the entire contents of a package.

Herbs are simple to grow and can be easily cultivated indoors. For me, they induce a feeling of kick-ass triumph for actually growing something I can eat! Find out how you can get your kitchen garden started today with a Basil plant.

Basil is fragrant, peppery and compliments many dishes. My boyfriend and I received small individual pots of planted basil seeds as a party favor and after a few weeks of care; our plant is flourishing with lush aromatic leaves. We are no green thumbs and were amazed at how easy they were to care for.


Tips on how to grow Basil.

  1. Plant Basil seeds in small individual pots of well-groomed soil and place in a location that is warm with good exposure to sunlight.
  2. Sprinkle a few drops of water over the soil everyday.
  3. When the seed begins to bud with small leaves. Re-pot the plant into a larger container. Continue to water everyday.
  4. When the leaves are fragrant and have grown to full size, make sure to pluck and use them immediately. This is when they are at their peak freshness!
  5. If a flower begins to grow on the plant, pinch off the flower bud and two sets of leaves below. A flower bud will remove much of the flavor and aroma from the leaves.
  6. Basil flourishes in warmer conditions and will not survive cold weather or frost. This is why they make ideal indoor plants.
  7. Basil can be used in pesto, salads, stir-fries, pasta, and much more. Stay tuned for a recipe I’ll put together with fresh basil right from the kitchen garden!




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