Baby Shower Bento Box

Get creative with your next baby shower gift and turn simple baby clothes and a plush toy into a bento sushi box.

photo 2

The gift I created below was for a girl, hence the more feminine colors. Feel free to play around with colors and clothing types.

photo 1

What you need:

  • 5 pairs of socks (each pair a different color)
  • One white onesie
  • Two pairs of white tights (for a boy you could get two more onesies)
  • A knitted white toque
  • Fish plush toy
  • Black garbage bag cut into long 2″ strips
  • Plastic basket and cellephane (for wrapping)
  • Tape

Sushi rolls

  1. Take a pair of socks and roll them tightly. Fold one pair of the tights in half and begin wrapping it lengthwise around the pair of socks. Stop when you have rolled halfway.
  2. Roll another pair of socks. Begin wrapping the new pair of socks with the second half of the tights. One pair of tights should make two rolls.
  3. Take a strip of the garbage bag and wrap it around both rolls. Secure with tape.
  4. Repeat this with the remaining pair of tights and two pairs of socks.

Tamago sushi

  1. Take the yellow pair of socks and fold in each end to make a rectangular shape.
  2. Take the toque and roll as best as you can into a rectangular shape. Place the yellow sock on top of the onesie and attach together with a strip of the garbage bag and tape.

Fish sushi

  1. Fold the onesie as best as you can into a rectangular shape.
  2. Fasten the fish onto the folded onesie with a stip of the garbage bag and tape (I had a dolphin as my fish plush and had to be tricky and hide the fin!)

photo 5

When you’re all done, wrap it up in a plastic basket with cellephane. Add chopsticks and you’re set!


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